How does your search engine pay you an income?

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Aug 01

We were recently introduced to a new generation of search engine. It’s called Tazoodle and it’s very unique, we have not seen a search engine like this before. Have you seen or heard of a search engine that will make payments to your PayPal account as a reward for using their search engine?

As standard in the search engine industry they earn income by charging advertisers to display their website links on the search results page. Tazoodle does the same thing. But what makes Tazoodle different is that they share the income with its advertisers and viewers alike. Do you know of a search engine that rewards each user?

Tazoodle has similar searching results as other search engines, what an incredible way to earn income if you are a user and recoup your advertising costs if you are an advertiser. It’s brilliant.
You’ll get excited about earning income for using this search engine. Do you earn any income from your current search engine?

Click on the banner below to watch the video presentation and register if you would like to after watching the video on this uniquely created search engine. We would love to hear any comments and feedback you have on getting paid for using search engines, please share your results too.

By Brian & Jennifer Baulch

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