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Nov 30

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Definitely not E-Cards….

Not only at Christmastime but for all occasion or any day of the year…. All from the comfort of your home, office, computer or Internet! It SAVES your TIME, PETROL or GAS driving around shopping, LESS EXPENSIVE costs plus postage from the normal cards out there! You can send it online any time 24/7 and anywhere in the world.

Christmas is such a great time of the year and season to reflect with personal giving of appreciation to those around us for wife, husband, father, mother, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandmother and grandfather. It’s a time to come together as a family and to keep building relationships that we hoped for in the New Year onwards. Sometimes, it can be quite hard to know what Christmas presents to buy for family or friends that seem to have necessary needs or personal products e.g. toys, books, DVD, clothes etc.? Yes it can be extremely hard when gifts are unappreciated sometimes. Is it hard for you to choose a Christmas present for your loved ones?

A unique, personalised or customised toys, books, DVD or clothes etc. would be a great answer or suggestion. What other products do you know that could be personalised uniquely at the edge market today?

There are massive products like clothes, books, Jewellery and Toys in boutique toy shops maybe easy to choose and they can be personalised. The disadvantages are time consuming task to look and find them. While Christmas rush is approaching us, they can be very expensive if they are not a mass produced product! What advantages or disadvantages do you see with personalised felt product?

We have discovered a product that will change most of the common personalised product issues. One thing’s for sure we found it gives a personalised touch, feel and look that build relationship with our families, friends, colleagues or business networks. Yes the answer for us is “Personalised Greeting Cards”. They have all the custom edge and feel.

We can personalise each individual Christmas card with our very own unique greeting messages. Customise the front of every card with our own personal pictures and add more photos of our choice inside it. We can add our own handwriting font and signature to give it exclusive feel and look too! This is all done over the Internet on the computer. They will be printed, sealed, stuffed with real postage stamp and posted for your sake to any countries in the world.

The printing locations are in Salt lake City, Utah, U.S.A or in Australia. From these both countries printing locations, it should only take 5 to 7 days, lesser if you live closer to these countries. Last but not least the cost associated with each card is at least half or less the price of buying a normal Christmas card brought at news agent even after postage cost added to it is far less!

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WHY NOT TRY FOR FREE? SEND YOUR TWO FREE REAL CHRISTMAS CARDS NOW with personalised, unique customised touch and postage included. If you don’t have photos ready, there are already more than 2500 cards to choose from the system online!  Yes they will be posted to anywhere in the world as our compliment to share the amazing greeting cards service with you. Try it today the cost is on us! Recharge success in your relationships today. 

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Recharging one life at a time,

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