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Dec 01

Are you a small business owner or Internet marketer?

About 18 months ago l had a huge changed of mindset about Internet blogging. It came about while I was watching television 1 vs. 100 hosted by Eddie McGuire with a blogger (called himself) as one of the contestants Alister Cameron. He is now a blogging consultant.  I started to have a shift in my thinking about blogging and using the internet media tool to leverage my income.

I thought it was something only small minority used and for women thing only…at that time l had only heard of blogging from my wife (Jennifer Baulch) blogging to her friends and family like Yahoo360 Blog, Hi5 Blog, Friendster, etc. I only signed up to one of them then for the sake of connecting to my wife and sending love notes to each other sometimes. I rarely saw men blogging.

My 360 degrees mindset completed while I watched Einstein Factor ABC TV program (Australia’s National Broadcaster) media approximately 4 months ago. Yes, once again the same contestant Alister Cameron brought a great brainstorm.

Curiosity got the better of me l contacted and started to build relationship with Alister Cameron on Skype. I found him very helpful and willing to chat with great expertise in Blogging and Internet marketing field. A month ago when he announced he was leading a mastermind group with a unique exclusive interest in providing a full service for small business owners, l jumped on board Internet Marketing Masterminds Course.

How did you first become acceptable to blogging and Internet marketing? Do you think Blogging and Internet marketing in the new media world of technology will become the major dominating media, leading the way in front of television, newspaper and radio media?

If your year is 2009 business building life to be the year of building huge sales success, huge traffic success, relationship branding awareness and bringing life/hope through your new media building… I do look forward to masterminding with you on the Internet Marketing Masterminds Team.

Internet Marketing Masterminds... success starts here!

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