'Remembrance Day' gives Hope & Life

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Nov 19

A week ago on the 11th hour of the 11th Month we remembered those who became heroes and sacrificed their lives on that Day; 90 years ago the guns went quiet signalling the end of World War I, known as the war to end all wars.


YES correct l did not BLOG on correct date or hour.

Please read the rest of this post to find out!

It is interesting facts that New Zealand, a country furthest from the war lost the most people per head of population. A generation died to preserve the peace to bring hope, life and success to those
civilians in Australia, New Zealand and many other countries that ultimately brought freedom and life to the democratic way of life.

Okay you may say, what about our attitudes in today’s world?

Well why is it that so many people in Network Marketing invest such half-hearted effort into their business?  Why do they commit so little so quite easily? At the smallest hurdle, rejection or demand of time, they give up. Why?

Don’t we feel shame the sacrifice that these soldiers made for us? Aren’t those young soldiers went to war, gave up their opportunities and ways of life?

If living was just a goal, then why fight oppressors? If life was just television, uninspiring job (Just Over Broke) and eating unadulterated foods then why don’t we become like communists? Why not elect a
Mugabe? Why not embrace the concept of sheep people!

No, we fight so we can grow, develop and experience best opportunity.

For most of us network marketing opportunity may be the best opportunity of true freedom to leverage our time, for better family quality life and success.

Shouldn’t not this reminds our business partners and families?

Reminder to those we care about in life:

1.     It takes effort.

2.     It takes investment in learning.

3.     It takes some pain & some sacrifice. Old Adage says, “No pain, No gain.”

What else can go on this list?

Is not everything of joy in life valuable?

Isn’t value something you needed not to put a price on? We are all valuable right?

What will you do today to respect honour and thank the sacrifice that your ancestors made for you?

The reason I posted this, not on Remembrance Day also known as Armistice Day is quite simple. We should celebrate victory every day of life after all the warriors gave civilians, all families and businesses with hope, success and life freedom.

Shouldn’t we have Remembrance Day 365 days each year?

Let’s show our families and business partners our leadership Work 100% Smarter, Laugh 100% Louder and Smile 100% more. Enjoy life to the fullest, we were designed individually to have hope, success and life that’s what l believe our forefathers would love to see.





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