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By Brian Baulch | Blog

Feb 07

We have just been introduced to a site with business partners Colin Klinkert, Tycho Luyben and Michiel Van Vlaardingen who have successfully worked on it for about 18 months. We have thought of it before that hopefully somebody would make as such. A Web 2.0 site designed for Internet Marketers. It really does have the whole lot needed to build the perfect platform for online success.

The features are breathtaking. Not only you can network with other contacts in the same business, which is VITAL, we can also build a Hyper Viral message-board list through the addition of a list builder.


The site allows you to build a downline down to 5 levels and contact them via message-board. They also reward you with 10% of the credits earned from everyone in your downline.

Credits are used to establish how much you get in the revenue sharing pool which means, just from being an active user; Viral Networks share their revenue with you.

What are the features again?

Colin Klinkert, Tycho Luyben and Michiel Van Vlaardingen are serious about developing it so great and easier for you to succeed.

* Built For Online Business Owners

* Network with new contacts, web 2.0 style

* Automatically builds your list

* Rewards you for having fun

* Plenty more developments ongoing

Watch the video below for a visual summary of Viral Networks. Please share with us your thoughts about this service. Don’t forget it is free to sign up and use it. Look forward to comments and feedback about Viral Networks and any other network you have had great results with.


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