The Stupidly Simple System that rocked the SEO World

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Apr 10

Phil Henderson, the Stupidly Simple SEO creator, knew he had struck gold when he sold 22 laptops from a one a page,  free site that took only 10 minutes to set up…

Here’s his story…

“I had been playing about with the usual methods of generating free traffic, you know things like, Squidoo, blogger, blogs, article writing, forum posts etc when I stumbled on this little site. At first I was using this simply to provide backlinks to my other sites. It was so far down the levels of my linking structure so I wasn’t really paying attention to it fully.

Then one day I noticed something weird. The main site I had spent three weeks nurturing using top SEO strategies had  been out-ranked by my free one page site I had built!! I couldn’t believe it… I had invested three weeks of my time and energy trying to get this site to page one of Google and here was this one-page site that had took me less than ten minutes to build out ranking me in under 15 minutes. Yep, within 15 minutes from pressing “submit” this site had hit page one of Google, more importantly it had ranked two positions higher than my fully optimized web site!!

It hit me like a thunderbolt… I stopped all my other activities and looked at that one page in detail. I looked  at the way I had structured the post, the links I had incorporated, word count, keyword density, anchor text absolutely everything that I thought would have given this one page mini-site a better SEO score than my main site. I found nothing of great significance, nothing that I could  see making that much difference. I knew that this couldn’t be a one off and I had to find out why this had happened.

The next four hours were spent breaking down each element of the post into minute detail. I simply had to find that “11th ingredient” and then I found it… It was staring me in the eye all of the time. Excitedly, I began to churn out page after page and they all ranked on Google in a matter of minutes. The quickest being 3 minutes!!

I had found a seam of Gold and it was time to go mining”.

When I first read the above I was skeptical; however, Phil has photographic and video proof of the examples above. More than this, Phil has agreed to shoot an “over the shoulder” video that outlines the precise steps he takes when building these one page profit pulling sites. you can view the video at

This system really is a game changer and many people who have struggled to make any real money online are using this  to pay their car payments, mortgages and even exotic holidays. Yes this system works; however, you have to know how to work the system. If you really want a shortcut to online success, this might just be what you have been searching for. But don’t take our word for it, go see for yourself.

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