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By Brian Baulch | Blog

Mar 31

Twittering, tweeting, tweeple….we’re at the start of a whole new dictionary that starts with “tw”! Some of you may be heavy into Twitter already and others may not even have signed up. I’m a recent adopter myself, but I’ve learned a few neat tricks that make my Twittering much more user friendly.

* TweetLater is a great resource that allows you to input multiple updates at one time, to post at future times of your choosing. So instead of needing to log on and update all day long, you can just go to TweetLater, post a day’s, week’s or month’s worth of updates, and they’ll all go up with no further effort on your part. Now sometimes you’ll want to post instant updates, like that you’re sitting at a cafe in Paris or something. You can still go to Twitter direct to do that, or, even better go to:

*, where you can link up all your social networking sites, so that one post goes up instantly across them all. No more logging into FaceBook, updating a message, then going to Twitter, then to LinkedIn, etc. You can do it all at one time on

*Also in your Twitter arsenal should be TweetDeck. This super handy application loads onto your computer and it will tell you anytime someone is tweeting about you, recommending you or re-tweeting what you post. How cool is that?! And if you click the little magnifying glass at the top of Tweetdeck, you can input the names of other topics you’d like to follow. I my case, I used the little magnifying glass to follow any tweets with the words “public relations.” Now they pop up automatically.

Experiment and try some of these time-saving tools to make your time online more productive and fun!

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Hey Brian,

This post is so useful for people just starting out on Twitter. Too often I hear people say that Twitter is a waste of time or that they just don’t ‘get’ it. Once people have an understanding of all of the amazing platforms they can use to cut through the ‘noise’, they start to see that it can be used as a very valuable relationship building tool!

As well as the incredible resources you’ve listed above, I personally am a big fan of Hootsuite. It has way to many features to list here so I’m just going to point out one that has made a big difference to me. It has this funky little feature called ‘show conversation’. What this does is when you receive a reply from someone a day later, or even days later, it will show you what your last tweet was to them, or which tweet they are replying to. In essence, it keeps the conversation in tact!


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