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Aug 01
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Author: Amit Kothiyal

The opportunities the business process outsourcing has provided the Philippines, in terms of professional and economic growth,is undeniable. The support of the government has in fact been very evident, allowing major corporations and industries to relocate their BPO services and BPO consulting to the Philippines; especially since business process outsourcing in the Philippinesis just a facet of a fast-rising offshore industry.

All things considered on the economic front of the call center industry, what are the other reasons why people love offshoring to the Philippines? Here’s a quick rundown—

1. Get access to smart and promising workforce. Filipinos are known around the world for their intelligence, eloquence and diligence. Here, you will likely meet more highly-skilled and competed, natural English-speakers than anywhere else in Asia. An estimated graduate by 2013 alone is nearly half a million. From that number, 50,000 will be IT graduates. The country has a literacy rate of 92.6% and an average age of 22.9 year olds that will give corporations access to young, fluent individuals which they can train and grow within this industry.

2. Above average academic excellence. In the Philippines, the educational system has been built to follow the western academic paradigm, with a government that is consistently striving to improve the quality of education.

3. Neutral accents as an advantage. An accent may not be at the top of the list of priorities when considering business outsourcing, but it certainly is an edge. Filipinos have the advantage of being a predominantly English speaking country, due to it’s strong historical ties with America.

4. Lower business costs. In the realm of business, lowering business costs translates to higher profits and a lower number of legal holidays as opposed to India, which is currently the country’s biggest competitor for business process outsourcing.

5. Internet and tech-savvy. As an industry anchored largely on the Internet and technological support, Filipinos are known for how well they work with the latest advances online and the Internet making Filipinos more significantly ‘wired in.’

6. Desirable tourist destination. It’s a tropical country, how can you go wrong working in a tropical country. Over seven thousands islands that you can explore, including some of the most beautiful beaches recognized all over the world—and offshoring in the Philippines allows you to experience the best of both worlds: the opportunity to grow your business and the chance to do so in a country as beautiful as the Philippines.

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