Should You Outsource {Infographic}

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Aug 02

Should we or you outsource? Why not, go for it. An infographic via by Scott Sheper
Outsourcing globally has a lot of opportunities or many to choose out there besides, and mentioned of the above. The trend keeps growing as many big and small businessess building relationship with other nations of their choice for outsourcing any kind of service. The fact is, even our clothes we’re wearing right now has been outsourced “where it was made from”. Tell me where your clothes you’re wearning right now and I can tell my wool long shirt was “Made in China” yet it says “Designed in Australia” at the same time. That’s only an example, the bottom line question is “are we prepared or ready for the outsourcing trend”? What is your alternative after your job is outsource by the corporation you’re working for or with?

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Matt March 2, 2013

Hey Brian, sweet infographic. Definitely a good find!

I didn’t have great success with oDesk when I tried it, can you recommend any other outsourcing avenues outside of CraigsList and 99designs?

    Brian Baulch August 11, 2016

    @Matt Wow, we missed this comment for a long time now 🙂 but it is still relevant to reply your comment. One of the well-known freelancers field besides those Odesk is There are other ones we have tried but like any of them, you got to do your standard screening when it comes to different applicants even those paid membership site just to interview individual applicants for the task or job you want to offer for freelancing work. We do hope you already find one since then. Cheerios!

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