How do you get hungry prospects willing to knock at your business door?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Aug 02

After watching a very viral YouTube video about JK Wedding entrance dance with over fourteen million hits. It came to us from the wedding dance itself to really have a great social effect on your targeted prospects, to create a huge social buzz for you and your business is to keep it simply smart.

If you have not watched the JK Wedding entrance dance yet, we encourage you to watch it below. You will see they are just a simple average family not celebrities by just been themselves looking nice, neat and smart, nothing fancy or professional in their dancing style.

But what we see that makes the bridal party of the bride and groom and attendees so attractive for over 14 million views of their wedding dance is quite simply – they have:

1. Passion

2. Been themselves uniquely.

3. Love as a couple and family, freedom to express themselves and not feel embarrassed.

Do you think your business and business partners or team have the freedom to express uniquely just as you are? Do you and your business team have passion and the same vision? Are you ok to have fun and laughter with your team network?

How could you use video for your business to create a possible viral effect that would have your targeted prospects talking about you or what can you learn from the wedding dance video? Your hungry prospects will go virally and willingly dancing instead of just knocking at your door, we reckon. =)

By Brian and Jennifer Baulch

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